Being accused of domestic violence is incredibly serious. This is a life-changing type of accusation, and the person who’s making that accusation certainly knows it. If you’re the one being accused, so do you.

But what if you also know that the comments they’re making are blatantly untrue? They’re making up stories about things that you’ve done that you never actually did at all. Why would they ever do this?

Perhaps they want custody of the children

While it’s true that most accusations of this type are not lies, even those who promote this view do note that these untrue allegations can and do happen. This is a thing that occurs, and it could lead to a false conviction and put someone in jail for something that they never did.

One reason that people may do this is that they are trying to get custody of the children as a relationship ends. Modern courts focus on splitting custody between mothers and fathers, in most cases, but they will make exceptions for that in extreme situations, such as one where abuse is taking place. The person who is accused of this abuse may not get custody or may only be able to see their children in a supervised situation. Could it be that your partner is making up these allegations so that they can have full custody of the kids, something that they know they’re not likely to get otherwise?

What can you do?

As noted, this can change your life, so it’s very important to understand what you can do. Rather than focusing on how frustrated you are to be in this position in the first place, look into the legal steps you can take to show your side of the story and make sure that the truth is told.