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Violent Crimes Defense

Being arrested on a charge of murder, assault, or another violent crime can alter your life forever. Before you have had your day in court, you are already publicly accused of committing a severe crime — which is why there is no time to waste. For a vigorous legal defense against criminal charges, contact Weinstock Defense. Ed Weinstock is an experienced and skilled courtroom fighter who has represented clients throughout Atlantic City, NJ and throughout South Jersey.

As a Former Prosecutor, Weinstock Defense Knows How the Other Operates

Assault & Battery Defense

A strong defense against assault crimes and battery charges lies in the circumstances of each case. The firm’s criminal law attorneys thoroughly investigate every aspect, including whether our clients acted in self-defense. We have successfully represented clients throughout New Jersey in a broad range of assault matters, including bar fights, street fights, alleged domestic violence, accusations of malicious attacks, and other situations where force was used.

If you are facing assault and battery charges, do not delay in contacting our legal team. We will review your case and provide you with an honest assessment of the situation and proceed with a confident path forward.

Homicide & Manslaughter Defense

If you are accused of killing another person, whether through homicide, manslaughter or vehicular manslaughter—the severity and potential penalties for such crimes require the most zealous legal representation available. We have defended clients against serious criminal charges in New Jersey, including aggravated manslaughter and vehicular manslaughter. We are prepared to defend you as aggressively as necessary.

Domestic Violence Defense

Domestic violence charges can affect your personal and professional life. At Weinstock Defense, we will help you regain control of the situation – minimizing damage and protecting your future.

Murder/Assault Results

State v. A.T. – Vehicular Homicide – “Not Guilty” Verdict. In State v. A.T., A.T. was charged with vehicular homicide, arising out of a collision between A.T.’s car and a juvenile bicyclist, after which the bicyclist passed away. Mr. Levin successfully asserted that, despite A.T.’s blood alcohol content of .16 (two times the legal limit), A.T. was not the legal cause of the tragic accident. At the conclusion of the two-week jury trial, A.T. was found “not guilty” of vehicular homicide.

State v. M.J.G. – Murder – Motion To Dismiss Granted. M.J.G. was charged with first-degree murder and weapons offenses in the New Year’s Day stabbing death of the decedent in Atlantic City. Mr. Levin successfully litigated a motion to dismiss the indictment; the court ruled that the state had misled the grand jury and had failed to present exculpatory evidence. After re-presentment, Mr. Levin prevailed in other motions, ultimately resulting in the dismissal of the murder charge and in the resolution of the matter with a plea to manslaughter in exchange for a five-year prison sentence.

State v. A.S. – Murder, Carjacking And Robbery – “Not Guilty” Verdict. A.S. was charged with murder, carjacking and robbery, arising from an alleged robbery/carjacking gone bad. Mr. Weinstock asserted that A.S. was misidentified and not the perpetrator. After a three-week trial, a jury found A.S. “not guilty” of all charges.

State v. S.v. – Murder And Desecrating Human Remains – Murder Dismissed/Reduced Plea. S.v. faced a murder charge, arising out of an altercation in which her boyfriend killed the victim during a “drug deal” gone bad. Mr. Weinstock got the murder charge dismissed and secured a reduced plea of five years in state prison.

Commonwealth v. T.J. – Attempted Murder – “Not Guilty” Verdict. T.J. was charged with attempted murder and weapons offenses. The victim had been stabbed in the heart in broad daylight in front of a Philadelphia post office. Mr. Levin argued that T.J. was misidentified and was not the perpetrator. The jury found T.J. “not guilty” of all charges.

State v. E.S. – Aggravated Assault – “Not Guilty” Verdict. E.S., a juvenile, was charged with aggravated assault and conspiracy arising out of a fight in which the victim suffered broken bones. During the trial, Mr. Levin’s cross-examination revealed E.S.’s connection to the codefendants was tenuous. E.S. was found “not guilty” of all charges.

State v. G.R. – Aggravated Assault On The Police By A Professional Boxer – PTI Granted/Case To Be Dismissed upon Completion. After winning his boxing match at Bally’s Hotel/Casino, professional boxer G.R. was charged with striking an Atlantic City Police Officer on the casino floor. After undertaking an extensive investigation, which included tracking down a multitude of witnesses and securing the raw video footage, Mr. Levin successfully negotiated a resolution in which G.R. was admitted into the Atlantic County Pretrial Intervention Program. If G.R. completes the program, the charges against him will be dismissed. Thereafter, Mr. Levin will be able to have the charges expunged (i.e., removed) from his record.

State v. R.B. – Murder – Motion To Suppress Confession Granted – Murder Charge Dismissed. R.B. was charged with murder and weapons offenses in the shooting death of his daughter’s boyfriend. Mr. Levin successfully litigated a number of motions, including a motion to suppress R.B.’s confession; the court barred the state from utilizing the confession. Prior to trial, the state offered R.B. a series of reduced plea bargains, starting with 20 years and ending with seven years. R.B. eventually accepted a plea to manslaughter for a seven-year sentence.

State v. J.C.L.M. – Murder – Murder Charge Dismissed. J.C.L.M. was charged with murder arising out of the stabbing death of the victim in Ventnor, New Jersey. Due to aggressive pretrial investigation, Mr. Levin was able to negotiate a pre-indictment plea bargain in which J.C.L.M. pleaded guilty to manslaughter. Ultimately, J.C.L.M. received an eight-year sentence. State v. T.G. – Murder – Murder Charge Dismissed. T.G. was charged with beating the victim, who was visiting the Atlantic City casinos, to death with a bat. After litigating numerous motions, Mr. Levin successfully negotiated a plea to manslaughter. At sentencing, T.G. received a nine-year sentence.

State v. D.P. – Aggravated Assault And Endangering The Welfare Of A Child – Motion To Dismiss Granted. D.P. was charged with conspiracy to commit aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of a child. D.P.’s child had suffered serious brain trauma requiring brain surgery. Mr. Levin successfully argued a motion to dismiss the indictment. The court ruled that there was insufficient evidence presented to the grand jury to indict D.P. D.P. was never reindicted or re-charged with any offenses relating to her child’s serious brain injury. The case remains dismissed.

United States v. A.K. – False Information In Murder Case – Federal Diversion Granted/Case Dismissed. A.K. was charged via federal indictment in the Eastern District of Wisconsin with making materially false statements to the federal government in a case in which her paramour was charged with murder, kidnapping, conspiracy and related offenses. A.K.’s paramour had kidnapped the victim in New Jersey and then transported the victim to Wisconsin, where the paramour killed the victim. Mr. Levin successfully litigated a motion to sever and to transfer A.K.’s case back to the District of New Jersey. Thereafter, Mr. Levin successfully negotiated a cooperation agreement. At the conclusion of the case, A.K. was granted federal diversion, after which A.K.’s case was dismissed.

L.W. v. J.W. – Domestic Violence – Application For Final Restraining Order Denied. L.W. alleged that J.W., a state police officer, physically assaulted her, verbally threatened her and intentionally pointed a firearm at her. After a full hearing, Mr. Levin successfully argued that the request for a Final Restraining Order be denied. The court denied the request for a Restraining Order and dismissed the matter.

S.K. v. C.R. – Domestic Violence – Application For Final Restraining Order Denied. S.K., a lawyer, sought a Final Restraining Order against C.R., her client. After a full hearing, Mr. Levin successfully persuaded the court to deny the application for a final restraining order and dismiss the matter. S.K. appealed. Mr. Levin filed briefs and appeared for oral argument, after which the appellate division affirmed the denial of the restraining order and the dismissal of the matter.

S.L. v. D.C. – Domestic Violence – Final Restraining Order Denied. S.L. claimed that D.C., a United States Marine, had physically and verbally abused her. At the hearing, Mr. Levin successfully demonstrated by utilizing videotape, telephone calls and text messages that D.C. was innocent of the charges. As a result, the court denied the request for a final restraining order and dismissed the matter.

T.M. v. F.D. – Domestic Violence – Final Restraining Order Granted. After a lengthy history of abuse, T.M. filed for a final restraining order against F.D. After a hearing, Mr. Levin secured a final restraining order for T.M., thereby protecting her from further abuse.

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