Once the icy winds of winter and spring rains end, construction season in New Jersey starts in full force. Road construction helps keep society moving by providing safe and direct transportation options for individuals as well as businesses transporting goods.

It can sometimes seem like every other road you drive down is under construction, so you have to find another route.  Not only does construction potentially add to your commute time, but it can also put you at increased risk of a traffic ticket if you decide to try speeding to make up for that lost time. However, you can face additional consequences if you get a ticket in a road construction zone,

New Jersey law doubles construction areas citations

Road construction workers face risk of serious injury every day on the job. People cutting too close to them or speeding could hit them or their equipment and possibly cause severe injuries or even a worker’s death. In order to help limit the amount of aggressive driving and speeding that goes on near construction sites, New Jersey law allows the doubling of a ticket’s financial value if a driver is cited in a construction zone.

That means a road traffic zone citation is one of many driving infractions that you may want to consider going to court to fight. Whether you are worried about losing your driver’s license or you just want to keep your insurance costs low, fighting a traffic ticket can be a wise decision. An experienced attorney can help you protect your rights.