When a child under the age of 18 is arrested for engaging in juvenile offenses, many parents fail to understand how severe the consequences might be. Although juveniles are subject to different treatment in a legal setting, it does not mean that a child will walk away without punishment. As a result, youths need just as much protection and advocacy as adults do when facing criminal charges.

Often, parents in Atlantic City choose to let their children face whatever consequences a court might impose. These parents believe that it will teach their children an important life lesson. This is true in many cases, but your child still needs representation when charged with a juvenile offense. 

Without skilled protection and advocacy, juveniles in legal trouble could face the following consequences.

  • A lengthy term of probation
  • Costly fines, which could result in financial hardships for parents
  • Mandatory completion of community service programs
  • Enrollment in a residential substance abuse or mental health treatment facility
  • Loss of driver’s license
  • An order to pay financial restitution
  • Mandatory participation in vocational or academic programs 
  • And, in serious cases, incarceration

A fair defense is a constitutional right that is available to all American citizens, even those who are not yet adults. Securing an effective legal strategy for your child when he or she is accused of juvenile offenses is critical. Acting as early as possible helps teens and youths avoid the harshest consequences for their alleged involvement in criminal activity. In turn, this can improve your child’s odds of overcoming the charges and working to make positive changes in his or her life.