What do things like sliding, past-posting, collusion, marked decks, false shuffles, false cuts and capped bets have in common?

They’re all generally considered cheating when you’re in a casino — and doing any of them could leave you exposed to both civil and criminal charges. Often, it’s best to avoid even the appearance that you could be involved in something shady.

With that in mind, there are some rules you should keep in mind about what to leave in your room or car before you head into the casino.

4 things you shouldn’t take into a casino

Naturally, every casino may have different ground rules that you should follow, so make sure you know what’s allowed before you wander into your favorite betting spot.

As a general rule, however, you need to leave these things somewhere else:

  1. Weapons: Armed people are considered to be dangerous, and tensions can run high when money is at stake. Most casinos bar firearms and weapons of all kinds.
  2. Cameras: Hidden or otherwise, cameras are generally frowned upon in casinos (or barred) because someone can use them to peek at cards and relay the information to another player.
  3. Cheating devices: This is a broad term that includes things like “remote jackpotters,” laser technology and devices (include apps for your phone) that help count cards. Essentially, it’s smartest to keep your phone in your pocket when you’re on the casino floor.
  4. Laptops and tablets: Both can be used to hijack communications inside the casino, and that’s definitely something that could get you into trouble.

In essence, ask yourself if something could be misconstrued as a tool for cheating, fraud or theft before you decide to carry it with you.

If you’re charged with a casino crime

If what was meant to be a fun trip turned into a nightmare and you’re now facing charges related to your casino trip, it’s time to get help. An Atlantic City attorney can help you get your situation sorted out.