The mandate on addressing sexual assault on college campuses cannot be any clearer, especially considering the scandals involving college football players. As many as 55 schools are under investigation for not properly dealing with such accusations.

However, while attempting to do the right thing, the accused sometimes does not get a fair chance to defend their position. In fact, there is a growing trend of men being suspended by colleges and universities in the midst of sexual assault allegations. When stories about these allegations become public, much is said about how the victim feels violated and how life will not be the same.

Of course, we certainly want to support sex assault victims through what can be an incredibly difficult time, but little is often said about the accused and what they experience after action is taken against them. Many of those accused have never been viewed as a sexual predator, or an evil, sexualized person. The feeling of being a pariah or persona-non-grata becomes ever so evident, as these students

With so much at stake for college students,  it is essential to have an experienced criminal defense attorney involved to ensure that the investigatory process is properly followed, and that all contacts and collaterals invited by the accused are thoroughly vetted.

Indeed, sexual assault is a real and horrible experience that no one should have to endure, but the feelings and experiences of the accused are just as important and should not be ignored.

The preceding is not legal advice.