Speeding is something that most drivers do at one time or another. Unfortunately, it is a crime to go over the speed limit, and you could face harsh penalties for doing so.

If you’re stopped and accused of speeding, you should know that you can defend yourself and plead not guilty to the citation. While many people believe they can just pay it and walk away, paying the fine is the same as admitting guilt.

What are the penalties for speeding in New Jersey?

Did you know that speeding can lead to a minimum fine of $50 or up to a maximum fine of $200? Speeding across a sidewalk has the same financial penalties, too. Both of these citations could also lead to imprisonment for up to 15 days, depending on the circumstances.

Did you know that you could be fined for traveling too slowly?

Did you know that going too slowly could result in fines as well? Slowing down so much that you’re blocking traffic is against the law. You can face up to 15 days in prison and fines of up to $200 for doing so.

Is a speeding citation the only one you’ll get?

With speeding citations, there is a potential that the police may also cite you for operating your vehicle in an unsafe way and endangering others or their property. If that happens, you could face fines of between $50 and $500 depending on how many offenses are on your record.

It’s smart to talk to your attorney before paying your speeding ticket if you believe that you’ve been falsely accused or want to minimize the penalties you face. Our site has more on what to do next.