Most lottery winners in New Jersey and across the country can say that their lives drastically changed in a positive way after their fortunate purchase. Many are traveling the world, living in lavish houses and driving expensive cars. One New Jersey man who actually hit the lottery twice in one year is in a very different situation. He has been arrested and charged with numerous drug and gun crimes.

A 53-year-old New Jersey man best known for winning the lottery twice within a year was recently pulled over for only having one license plate on his vehicle. During the stop, police report they seized a bullet-proof vest, multiple guns, including an assault rifle, ammunition and 350 prescription pills. The find caused police to search his lavish apartment the following day, which allegedly revealed cocaine, marijuana and more prescription pills. During the search, police found paperwork leading them to a storage building where they reportedly found three more guns, silencers, hollow-point bullets and large capacity magazines. Police claim to have found a total of six guns of various brands and styles, none of which were registered.

The man and his 22-year-old girlfriend were both arrested. He received a total of 37 charges, several of which were for illegal guns. She received seven charges for drug crimes.

The former ironworker could face a very different future than that of a typical lottery winner. Drug and gun crimes can have very serious consequences in New Jersey and can result in significant fines and jail time. Anyone facing these types of accusations should immediately seek the help of a criminal defense attorney. An experienced attorney will analyze all aspects of the client’s case to develop the best defense and work toward the best outcome possible for the accused.