Atlantic City is a popular vacation spot for those who enjoy gambling. Unfortunately, it is also a place where casino crimes are committed on a regular basis. Though security in these establishments keeps an eye out for criminal activity, they can’t stop everyone.

A report comparing crime rates between New York City and Atlantic City in 2022 shows that Atlantic City has just as much criminal activity as NYC. This is because the casinos are big draws for criminal activity due to the constant flow of money that occurs at the tables and slot machines.

What are the most common casino crimes?

The most common crimes committed in Atlantic City’s casinos are as follows:

  •     Disorderly conduct is very common. This is in part due to the amount of alcohol that flows in the casinos. When a person is drinking while gambling, they’re more likely to make a scene when they aren’t winning. The only way to quell the situation is for security to escort them from the casino and press charges.
  •     Assault is another crime that is often fueled by intoxication. An otherwise calm person may become belligerent if they consume enough alcohol. If they are experiencing a losing streak they may become so angry that they physically lash out at whoever is in closest proximity to them. Fights are not uncommon in Atlantic City casinos.
  •     Theft, both petty and major, is another common crime. The amount of money that changes hands in Atlantic City casinos every day is in the millions. Security does its best to control theft, but some people do manage to steal from either the casinos or individuals who are there to gamble and have fun.

If you are arrested and charged with any of the above crimes, consider your options. Seeking legal guidance on the matter will give you the best possible chance at coming up with a defense strategy.