You may remember your teen years when your parents told you not to drink alcohol – and you did it anyhow. Now you have a teen (or two) of your own and you may be worrying if they’re going to follow in your footsteps. 

While it’s not legal for teens to drink (without parent or guardian supervision) they may find a way. There are many ways teens can get their hands on alcohol:

1. Asking friends and siblings

What’s a better way to get what you want than by just asking for it? While you may not let your teen drink, friends or siblings may feel differently. Your teen may be asking someone they know to supply them with alcohol.

2. Asking people who are of legal age

If your teen can’t get a friend or sibling to get them alcohol, they may try asking strangers. While it may not be legal to buy alcohol with the intent of giving it to minors, that doesn’t stop everyone. 

3. Stealing from stores and stashes 

Minors aren’t limited to the right connections and a smile, however. Some teens may consider stealing from stores, which could cause even more problems with the law. If you have a cabinet where you keep your alcohol, you may even consider checking for any missing bottles. 

4. Using a fake ID

Some teens get caught using fake IDs to sneak into bars and purchase alcohol. Using a fake ID could cause your child to risk being criminally charged. 

5. Going to parties

While your teen may not be getting their supply illegally, that doesn’t mean someone they know isn’t. Your teen may be drinking at parties where alcohol is being served freely. If no one’s watching, your teen may even consider taking a bottle home for later.

If you fear your child’s future will be impacted by a juvenile crime – like being a minor in possession of alcohol or getting caught with a fake ID, then you may consider reaching out for legal counsel to get the help they need