A lot is on the line if you are facing drug charges. A conviction can mean years in jail, and it could remain on your criminal record years after the fact. This may adversely affect the quality of your life since you may miss out on opportunities based on a past conviction. Therefore, it is important to defend against the drug charges you are facing.

There are several defense strategies for drug possession charges that you may employ in your case, as detailed below.

1. The search and seizure was unlawful

Constitutionally, you are protected from an unlawful search. Should the evidence against you be obtained illegally, you may file a motion to suppress it. If the court strikes out crucial evidence against you, chances of a favorable outcome to your case are higher.

2. You were a victim of police entrapment

If law enforcement used tactics that led you to commit a crime you would not otherwise have committed, you could claim you are a victim of entrapment. Such police conduct is usually frowned upon in judicial circles since it implies abuse of the justice system.

3. Chain of custody errors

You may challenge the prosecution to prove that the substances presented as evidence were the ones you were arrested with. The evidence should be the original item in similar condition as when the police seized it. Highlighting chain of custody errors such as improper storage or mislabelling can help you contest the charges.

Be well prepared

Given that you will likely be going against experienced prosecutors, it is necessary to make informed decisions. Defending against charges is not straightforward and needs extensive legal knowledge. With proper planning and execution, you may be able to show that the charges against you are not watertight.